Andros Diner is a family run and operated family restaurant that is located in the heart of Ironbound Newark, New Jersey. It was bought in the late 60's by George "The Greek". The name Andros comes from the Greek island  where George "The Greek's" family is from. This island is located near the famous island, Mykonos and it is the most northern, greenest and the second largest of the Cycladic Islands.  Today George and his family enjoy serving the people of Newark their daily specials, excellent on premise freshly baked goods and their regular sit down menu. Andros Diner is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Andros Diner caters to large parties, company parties, company lunches, The FAMOUS 6 foot sub parties, BBQ's and the Newark Public Schools.Andros has now launched their new delivery services to the entire City of Newark including Newark Ironbound, rutgers, and Newark business district area. This will include the growingly popular crispy crust pizza and their famous 1 foot calzones.

The Andros Diner family and staff is looking forward in serving you at the heart of the Ironbound!

5 Under 40 - Supporting Women Under 40 Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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